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The unagi roll @ Sake

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Yesterday we -my dearest international lawyer and me- went out for some sushi near his home at Naco (an quiet and calmed Santo Domingo’s sector). Sake was a great option, because it was very close and we knew the site. The ambient was great. A oasis song that both of us like so much, was sounding when we arrive. Yes, our chorus resounded until the song ended hahaha. And then a classic from The verve completed the scene. She wanted a salad. I’m carnivore. But keeping the night momentum I tried something different. Nice idea.

Well I ordered it. Unagi roll. I just wanted to devour some eels -Unagi = eel ;)- to keep my carnivore moral in peace. but what I found was a soft and tasty sushi, maybe I tested it before, but yesterday I discovered it one of my favorite rolls. The SD!’s recommendation for sushi rolls at Sake.


Written by SD!!!

July 5, 2010 at 1:21 pm